5 Places I Want to Visit

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Believe it or not (I’m still pinching myself), my husband and I actually have enough airline miles to go round trip somewhere in the U.S. I always thought airplane miles were a myth. Anyway, he asked me where I’d like to go. I couldn’t think of anything at first, because I was still so shocked. But then I started rattling them off: Seattle, Washington; Grand Canyon, Arizona; San Francisco, California; Austin, Texas; and the Berkshires in Massachusetts.

Seattle, Washington: I never got to go there in the 90s back when Nirvana was still performing. Maybe it’s not as hip as it was back then (not that I really care), but I’ll bet they still have great coffee.

Grand Canyon, Arizona: I don’t think the Grand Canyon is in an actual town; I think it’s its own town. What I’d like to do–and this has been a dream of mine for quite some time–is tour the canyon while riding a mule. Just like The Brady Bunch episode! Doesn’t that sound awesome??? But reservations for the mule rides fill up a year in advance.

San Francisco, California: To be perfectly honest, I know very little about San Francisco other than hippies used to hang out there in the 60s, over on Haight Ashbury. I think that’s an intersection. Also the Golden Gate Bridge is there.

Austin, Texas: Austin is the state capital of Texas. It’s also the home of the University of Texas, where Matthew McConaughey went to school. There’s supposed to be a great art scene, and good food. That is, on Chopped many of the chefs are from Austin, so I’m guessing it’s a great place for food.

The Berkshires, Massachusetts: I know very little about the Berkshires. All I know is that it’s a lovely fall vacation destination. I love fall. In spite of the fact that my depression strikes in the fall, I still love it.

And there you have it.

Would you want to visit any of these places?

9 thoughts on “5 Places I Want to Visit

  1. San Francisco is VERY hilly… STEEP hills. I haven’t been there since the 80’s so I can’t really comment on the atmosphere, as it may have changed, but I’m pretty sure the streets are still hilly. LOL

    I LOVE New England in the fall. I love New England. I love fall. But I really love New England in the fall.

    Grand Canyon is too thirsty for me. The color brown makes me thirsty. This is why I am not a fan of Western Movies. They parch me. I certainly couldn’t watch Dune, though I tried. Though I did sit through Mad Max with ample amounts of water. And I’m not so steady on my feet anymore, my anxiety would tell me that I would fall to my death.

    I’d LOVE to go to Seattle. Mainly because of the weather. It rains there a lot, and I love gloomy rain. It makes me happy (I have Reverse SAD).

    Where ever you decide to go, I’m sure it will be a proper adventure. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Iggy! I’m leaning towards New England, but we’re already planning a trip to New York in the fall. We’ll see.

  2. That is so very cool! What a great surprise to find out you can travel anywhere you want to. So jealous!
    I’ve always wanted to go to Washington State, sure visit Seatle, but mostly the whole state and its scenic beauty.
    So when are you doing all this traveling?

    1. Lol I have no idea because we’re going to Vegas in a few weeks to visit my family and planning a trip to NYC in November to watch Ohio State play Rutgers in football. I hope the points expire at the end of the year.

        1. Lol! They probably will lose, but it’s tough to say. Ohio State lost 2 or 3 games last year to lesser-tiered teams — I was at one of the games! Lol

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