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I can’t imagine life without cell phones, yet I lived for 30 years without one. How is that possible? I admit I’m guilty of checking my phone frequently, mainly at home.

I turned off the sound notification from my e-mail app because the numerous dings! were driving me nuts. In fact, the notifications for all of my apps have the sound turned off. All except text messages and Facebook Messenger. (I Messenger more frequently than I text.)

Mobile phones actually came out in the 80s. They were the size of a brick, as you can see in the picture (above). They weren’t common, the way cell phones are today, and from what I can remember, only businessmen carried them. They looked ridiculous carrying one of those giant phones, and even more so when they used them.

Photo from Wikipedia

There’s no question that smartphones — apps — make our lives easier. I can take my pulse, track my sleep, post to social media, and many other things. If you can think of something, there’s probably an app for it.

Back in the mid-80s, I was on the phone with my friends constantly. Hours at a time! Now, I hate calling anybody. I absolutely can’t stand talking on the phone. I’d much rather text (or e-mail). I don’t know when this transition occurred, or why. Maybe texting is less anxiety producing? Maybe it allows you to hold a conversation while you feel like $hit? Maybe they’re easier to ignore? Who knows!

Do you prefer to text or talk? Or both?

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  1. I prefer to text. For me being deaf it’s easier, but even when I could hear on the phone, I liked texting when I could.

    1. My hearing devices are connected to my phone, so I can talk wirelessly, but I don’t like it. I feel like I’m really having to strain to hear what the caller is saying. I don’t mind listening to music through them, though!

      1. I used to use a device, but I would be nervous using it as sometimes it would not connect, even though connected. So this used to cause anxiety for me. It’s been so long using it and as my hearing has changed, I probably would still have difficulty, as I did in the end when I used to use it. Like you, I loved it for my music, bit I have not listened that way for some time now.

        1. I can understand the anxiety about using them. While they help me hear better, I have anxieties too.

  2. LOL! The sound on my phone is always shut off. I hate dings-pings-dongs-twirps, etc…
    It’s funny, when I was younger I loved my phone, you couldn’t get me off it. Now, it’s only used to make appointments and talk with my mother. On rare occasions, I’ll talk to a friend. That’s it.

    1. Same here. If I absolutely have to use the phone it’s to make appointments or talk to my dad.

  3. My phone is always on silent. No dings, no rings. I could not go without it though. Mostly because of the communication with my daughter but other than that and WordPress, my use on it is minimal. My phone is kind of crappy so when I upgrade soon I may be more apt to play on it. I’ve never been one for games although everyone else, most especially my Ma, in my family are game freaks. They say they are for relaxing but I can’t imagine so. I do not do social media except for the occasional Instagram pic but I do scroll Pinterest quite a bit. Prior to being given a laptop and purchasing one myself, my phone was my lifeline so I cannot imagine being without one would be easy.

    1. I only play games if I find one I really like, but I don’t go looking for them. It certainly isn’t relaxing to me, and if anything, makes my anxiety worse. I’ll get stressed out about something in the game, feel overwhelmed, and abruptly stop playing.

      Some people just aren’t into phones that much. My b-laws just got smartphones this past year!

      1. I didn’t get a smartphone until 2013. Lol. I only recently bought my first laptop. I was gifted one years ago but never used it and when I started blogging another blogger gifted me one and I’ve been in love ever since. Technology has been about timing with me.

          1. I was amazed!!! I wiped it clean when I purchased my new one and gifted it to a young girl who didn’t have one yet needed it for high school.

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