Snifty Pens!

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Here are the 5 pens Rory (of A Guy Called Bloke) sent from across the ocean! These pens are special because they’re scented. The scents include strawberry, vanilla cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, coffee, and tropical fruit punch. As Rory recommended, I placed each pen in 5 different rooms so the scents can be discernible and to avoid them mingling with each other. The scents aren’t overpowering; they’re subtle, like the smells coming from an aromatherapy diffuser. Right now I smell strawberry as I type this.

When I asked Rory for these particular pens, it wasn’t because I needed any writing implements. I have so many pens that the coffee mug in which I store them all is overflowing. I may need to use a second mug. Anyway, I wanted them because I love pens!

I have colorful gel pens that I use to write checks; pens that look like skinny markers but are actually highlighters; and my latest discovery, Le Pen, which is a gel pen I use for journaling. Normally I like a medium point, but Le Pen has a fine point that’s just the right size for me. It’s in between a traditional fine point and a medium.

What kinds of pens do you like? Or does it matter?

11 thoughts on “Snifty Pens!

  1. That’s pretty cool. I actually have a pen that smells of blueberry.
    Like you, I have a huge coffee mug filled with pens. I don’t really have a favorite. Other than the one I received from a company I use to work for. Sterling silver with my name on it. It was given to me for 10 years service.

  2. Hey Barb, ping backs and WP sure do have a lot to answer for, l am seeing this post for the first time today – l am seriously pleased that have found a great home in your pen mug love bucket 🙂

      1. Hi Barb, lots of bloggers have been experiencing problems with PB’s for weeks. Sometimes l find old comments in my pending folder from as much as a week ago, but they weren’t there on the day that l would log in, other comments l never see unless l am visiting blogs to read and l think, mm, why haven’t l seen this?

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