Fun Fact: National Wine Day

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Guess what, people??? You have a reason to celebrate: it’s National Wine Day!!! This is a real holiday, and apparently, no one knows how it came about. Maybe someone suddenly declared, “May 25th should be National Wine Day!” Then they might have popped the cork from the bottle of vino in their hands, and chugged without bothering with glasses. It could have happened.

Some ways to celebrate:

  • Make your own wine, though I think it involves more than just stomping on grapes while you’re barefoot.
  • Go to an upscale liquor store and buy something with a fancy vintage.
  • Have the sommelier suggest a wine and food pairing while you’re out at a fancy restaurant.
  • Have a glass of wine with a friend — or by yourself if that suits you.
  • Tour a winery.
  • Be creative!

There are plenty more ways to celebrate, I’m sure. Pick the one that you like best and go with it! Happy National Wine Day!

10 thoughts on “Fun Fact: National Wine Day

  1. Cheers! I’ll drink to that! 😀 also my blog went private. Can you go over to my site and request access? Don’t want to lose you as a reader! hugs!

  2. I celebrated at church… LOL had wine with my communion. That is hardcore right there… LOL

      1. Thank you, thank you! Please don’t forget to tip your waitress! 🙂

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