Ketamine Infusion

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Two or 3 years ago I had been depressed for so long, despite taking various medications and having ECT, that my psychiatrist told me about another treatment: ketamine infusion. Yep, that ketamine.

They insert an IV in your arm, which is connected to a ketamine drip. Then you sit in a comfy chair for about an hour, while the drug is administered. It works quickly — within a few hours, even. And it’s an outpatient procedure.

The catch? It isn’t approved by the FDA, nor does insurance cover it, nor has it been around for very long. Five years, maybe? According to this article, esketamine, which is a kind of ketamine, was recently approved by the FDA in the form of a nasal spray for depression. I don’t know about you, but that sounds weird to me. A nasal spray?? For depression??

The other thing is that you’d need to have the cash to spare to do the infusions, which prevents most people from getting it done. Like ECT you have to go in for a series of treatments, which can become really expensive, really quickly.

I don’t know about the nasal spray, but I would totally try a ketamine infusion before having ECT again. On the other hand, who can afford it? My husband says that if I ever reach that point, hopefully insurance will be paying for it by then.

Have you ever had a ketamine infusion? Would you try it if nothing else worked at all?

8 thoughts on “Ketamine Infusion

  1. Well I’ve done it recreationally and from my experience, it was scary. Perhaps if you are prepared on what to expect, I would maybe try it for the purposes of alleviating depressions side effects.

    1. On one of the ketamine places I saw online, they explain the procedure and what the patient will experience really well. I would definitely want to know exactly what to expect if I ever do this.

    1. I just found this comment in my spam folder! Grrrrr…. Yeah, I would try it, too. Though I might be lying if I didn’t say that I want to experience the high.

  2. It’s quite fascinating that Ketamine is available for treatment-resistant depression. I believe that MDMA, Psilocybin and LSD are on the horizon 🙂

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