WP Sends Comments to Spam Folder

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I know this probably isn’t news, but it’s happened to me. Some of your comments went straight to my spam folder, so I didn’t even have a chance to read and reply to them! If they don’t fix this right away, I’m going to have to check my spam folder every day for comments — which I shouldn’t have to do! I am one of the many who pays for this service, so WP should deliver. /end rant

8 thoughts on “WP Sends Comments to Spam Folder

  1. Yeah I can see how any spam filter will make mistakes, but when they’re filtering out comments from people who follow you and you follow them, then that should really be something they could fix.

  2. I agree if you pay, you especially should not find your regular commenters in spam and it’s sounding like it is happening a lot to folk.
    Mainly mine are spam, but I still check, because sometimes I do find comments in my spam box that shouldn’t be.
    I found one last night in my spam box, someone who comments now and again and more recent, recently and this person was in spam.

    1. Oh, Beckie, you crack me up!!

      I’m going to have to check my spam folder regularly too.

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