On Wearing White

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Some people believe that you can only wear white after Memorial Day (May), and that you have to stop wearing it after Labor Day (September). This “wear white after Memorial Day” rule originated among old-money snobs. In order to separate themselves from the new-money wives, the first group came up with the rule (one among others).

I recently bought my first pair of white pants — okay, jeans. Did I wear them before Memorial Day? Yes, but I didn’t wear them out (I ended up staying home). This “when to wear white” rule has stuck with me because I’ve heard it so often. I didn’t follow the rule, and frankly, I don’t care! Lol!

There’s another rule that I do care a little about, only because I’ve been conditioned by the media to follow it. It’s wearing a mix of brown and black, you know, like a brown purse with black shoes, or vice versa. I break that rule regularly. However, I’ll admit that the rule echoes in my mind that what I’m doing is wrong, when it is absolutely not wrong! I think I have to continue breaking this rule in order to feel comfortable.

Do you follow these fashion “rules”? Do you think they’re ridiculous?


16 thoughts on “On Wearing White

  1. I think those rules are ridiculous. It makes a lot more sense to dress based on what’s going on outside your window than to go by the calendar. And brown and black absolutely belong together.

  2. I use to follow these stupid old-time rules from the time I was a little kid until I was in my 40’s. Then I said screw this! I wear what I want to wear when I want to wear it. I’m not a fashionista or a model out in public. I wear what I feel comfortable in. I’m all about comfort! LOL!

      1. Heck, when my friends and I were younger, my friends grandmother told her, ‘if you kiss a boy in the rain wearing paten leather shoes, you would end up pregant.’
        My girlfriend was scared to death wearing those shoes after that. LOL!

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