3 Things to Do Less Often

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The other day I posted 3 Things to Do More Often. Today I’ll examine Things to Do Less Often.

  1. APOLOGIZE: I say “I’m sorry” waaaayyyy more than I ought to, and about inconsequential things. For example, if my husband and I reach for the same item at the same time, I’ll apologize. In the car, if I don’t secure my seatbelt fast enough, the obnoxious alarm goes off, and I apologize. Out in public, if someone brushes against me and says, “Excuse me,” I apologize (and try to get over the fact that a complete stranger touched me). Well, none of these things or others like them are my fault, so why do I keep apologizing? I’m guessing it has to do with my self-esteem: it’s low. I think so little of myself that I’m willing to take the blame or claim that whatever the situation is, is my fault. I need to do this less often.
  2. PRESSURE MYSELF: I have a habit of pressuring myself to post once a day here or to my dog’s Instagram (shameless plug — follow him here! @rudy_thegoodboy). I’ll have 5 posts ready to publish in the next 5 days, but I feel that I need to write yet one more. The thought of not posting for one day makes me uneasy. Rationally, I know that I don’t have to do any of this, but in my mind it gets warped into some sort of hang-up. Not fun. I will stop pressuring myself more often.
  3. AVOIDANCE: I’m a HUGE avoider. I avoid actions/interactions because I’m scared of them. I can’t even pay for something at the check-out line without feeling anxious; I’ll step aside so my husband can pay, but he’s on to me now. I avoid answering the door when we order food and delivery arrives. The restaurants don’t always give you the total, so you only learn what it is when delivery shows up, and then I’m confused about how much to tip because I can’t do math that quickly. Plus it’s a total stranger, and you never know. I need to stop avoiding things and people.

These are just some of the habits in my life that I want to stop: apologizing needlessly; putting pressure on myself; and avoiding everyday things.

Is there anything  you need to do less often?

9 thoughts on “3 Things to Do Less Often

  1. Ugg I’m all with you and the apologies. I do it way too often, in fact it gets on my husbands nerves. Also I check on my elderly mother who lives alone too much! If she doesn’t answer the phone when I call I’m jumping in the car to see if she is ok. That also gets so annoying to some people, including her lol

  2. I think I could probably do with easing up on the same issues that you have listed. For the same reasons.

    1. The apologizing thing really drives me nuts. It’s so automatic — it just comes out of my mouth.

  3. I’m convinced that we were separated at birth! LOL!
    I use to say “I’m sorry” at least 3 dozen times a day. I was sick of myself for saying it for such stupid reasons, but I did it anyway. Thank goodness, therapy actually help me break out of saying it when there was no reason to do so.
    I do add pressure to myself often, however… In the last few weeks, I have grown so overly tired and realized the extra pressure was not serving me. It was making me more antsy and anxious. I now listen to my inner voice telling me to take a chill pill and relax.
    Avoidance???? Wholly cow! I am the avoidance queen. The sad fact of the matter is this… If I don’t want to go somewhere, and I’m being guilted into doing it, I will conjure up any excuse to get out of it. My friends try to push me, but if I’m uncomfortable, I flat out say no. Here they all have mental health issues, and meanwhile, they push my buttons about me being an introvert. Like how fair is that?
    I could never do that to anyone of my friends, push them into something that they don’t want to do, or make them feel guilty.

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