Lady Gaga in Las Vegas

Lady Gaga
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My husband and I are going to Vegas tomorrow to see family. We will also have time to be tourists. The only show that I want to see is Lady Gaga. I believe she will be performing jazz tunes solo, and accompanying herself on the piano. It would be an intimate setting in a theater rather than an arena.

However, I won’t be seeing this performance because the cheap tickets cost about $430 — EACH! (That’s what they were when we first checked; now it’s possible that they cost more.) It would be tight but we could afford it. I would have to give up a few things, like buying clothes for a while. And it would be my birthday present, which isn’t until July.

I had to ask myself if I wanted to see her that badly. After much pondering, the answer is no, I don’t. I’m pretty bummed out about this, I’ll admit, but she’ll probably tour again and I can catch her when she’s in town.

Is there an event you want(ed) to attend but had to say no?


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4 thoughts on “Lady Gaga in Las Vegas

  1. I’m so excited for you! That should be a wonderful concert and a soothing setting to boot!
    I say no to a lot of things over the years. I simply don’t feel comfortable enough to want to go anywhere.
    Back in the day, and I mean many, many days ago… You couldn’t keep me away from concerts. I loved them!

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