Lady Gaga in Las Vegas

Lady Gaga
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My husband and I are going to Vegas tomorrow to see family. We will also have time to be tourists. The only show that I want to see is Lady Gaga. I believe she will be performing jazz tunes solo, and accompanying herself on the piano. It would be an intimate setting in a theater rather than an arena.

However, I won’t be seeing this performance because the cheap tickets cost about $430 — EACH! (That’s what they were when we first checked; now it’s possible that they cost more.) It would be tight but we could afford it. I would have to give up a few things, like buying clothes for a while. And it would be my birthday present, which isn’t until July.

I had to ask myself if I wanted to see her that badly. After much pondering, the answer is no, I don’t. I’m pretty bummed out about this, I’ll admit, but she’ll probably tour again and I can catch her when she’s in town.

Is there an event you want(ed) to attend but had to say no?

6 thoughts on “Lady Gaga in Las Vegas

  1. I’m so excited for you! That should be a wonderful concert and a soothing setting to boot!
    I say no to a lot of things over the years. I simply don’t feel comfortable enough to want to go anywhere.
    Back in the day, and I mean many, many days ago… You couldn’t keep me away from concerts. I loved them!

  2. It’s always money that stops me from going to concerts- that and the knowledge that I can most likely watch it on youtube in bed with a glass of wine later. But there is also a rush of seeing your favourite singer live in the flesh. I had this feeling when I saw Billy Joel at Wembley this Saturday gone. My mum only has one regret when it comes to live concerts- her dad, my Grandfather, was given tickets to Live Aid (yes, THAT Live Aid) but because he was never a rock fan he threw them away. Every time we go to an event she thinks of that.

    1. There is something to be said for live shows. It’s exciting to know that the artist is in the same space as you and performing. You can really feel the energy.

      Too bad about the Live Aid tickets. I would love to have gone!

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