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One Tail at a Time (OTAT) is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs. I recently discovered that each year, beginning 4 years ago, they organize a sit-in for animals who need help. The cool thing about it is that you can participate remotely!!! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!

This means the world to me because I always want to help dogs and cats. But in the past few years, since my fear of leaving the house kicked in, I haven’t been able to volunteer. Too anxious. And too afraid of making commitments. (Some of the shelters ask you to make a one-year commitment — ONE YEAR!! There’s no way I can commit to something for that long.)

By being able to do this remotely, I can FINALLY help out! I’m so excited to be able to participate! And when I realized that I would be in Las Vegas on the day of the sit-in, it turned out okay because I can do this far from Chicago!

Maybe this is tacky, but I’m going to take a chance anyway: if you would like to donate to help dogs and cats, please click here. Please consider giving. Anything is better than nothing. Thank you in advance! (DEADLINE: June 9)

What sorts of causes do you fight for?

6 thoughts on “OTAT Sit-In

  1. My roommate and I help with dog rescues. We do at least two transfers of picking up dog’s from the South and bring them to a local woman who works in god rescues and adoptions. Every so often, we bring them all to different establishments to help show them off in order to be adopted by good families.

  2. I adopted a greyhound. He’s a wonderful pooch. Having him has opened my eyes to the need and opportunity that’s out there. I truly wish we could motivate more people to adopt. It’s so very rewarding.

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