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I am a huge fan of the cable channel called Food Network. I enjoy their shows and love the celebrity chefs who host them. Some of those chefs have a restaurant or restaurants in Las Vegas, so of course we want to try them out during the few days that we’re here. That is, the places that have vegetarian options, anyway!

We made reservations at 3 different restaurants. Only one of them had the dress code on their website: business casual. Okay, business casual is doable. However the other 2 don’t state the dress codes on their sites and I’m at a loss as to what to wear. I should have been expecting that there would be a dress code, but oh, well.

After doing some Googling, I now know what NOT to wear: sneakers. So my Converse Chuck Taylor lows, which I wear almost every day, are out. Flip-flops are a no-no at these restaurants, which means I have to wear the dressier shoes that I brought, which means heels (mostly platform heels, but still heels), which means I have to walk carefully, especially because I haven’t worn these shoes for a while and would rather not fall flat on my face.

Jeans, especially torn jeans (even though they’re the current trend) are also out. So much for my “distressed” denim miniskirt and one of my pairs of shorts. While we’re talking about jeans, there’s the matter of t-shirts: not allowed. You must have a collar, but if you don’t you must then wear a jacket over it. Maybe that’s just for men?

I brought 2 t-shirt dresses (no-no?) and 3 “nice” dresses, so I have enough to coordinate outfits for the dinners. Oh, but I forgot to bring a black purse, which means I will worry if people notice my black shoes and brown purse. I don’t care if I don’t match at home, but in Vegas, on the Strip? I don’t know.

I’m left with this feeling that I didn’t bring enough clothes or shoes with a low heel — a condition in which I’m left feeling unworthy and inadequate and awkward.  I recognize the feeling: anxiety. And I’m anguished knowing that my fears have followed me on vacation.

Do you experience anxiety while on a trip?

11 thoughts on “Dress Code

  1. I have a hard time understanding the uptight dress codes some places have. Like seriously, who is going to be harmed by someone wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and Converse sneakers? Is it really going to cast a stain on their restaurant?

  2. I’m eating dinner – which I’m paying for !! I’m not meeting the Queen. This pretentious clap trap aggravates me. How DARE they judge people gracious enough to frequent their establishment and pay their bloody wages?!

  3. When I went to Bobby Flay’s restaurant in Atlantic City, there was a dress code. At least that is what I was told when making the reservations. Then, when we arrived to eat… There were several people who we underdressed. I guess it really didn’t matter after all.
    The only time I experience anxiety is at the airport. I hate airports, they make me very nervous.

    1. Omg! We’re going to a Bobby Flay restaurant tonight!! Lol! They didn’t say anything about a dress code, but my husband made reservations online.

      Airports are bad to me, too. I barely hung in there when we were traveling here to Vegas.

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