Rudy, Trainer of Hoomans

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So for the past couple of months, our dog Rudy has been following me down the hall from the living room to the kitchen. Every. Time. He’s always expecting a treat, and sucker that I am, I always give in. It’s so hard to say no! Look at those eyes!!

The trainer said we should switch things up so Rudy won’t recognize that he’s about to get a “cookie.” I’m afraid the opposite has happened because he now knows that any time I get up and head down the hall, it means that treats are coming! NOM!!

If I go into the bedroom to shower, Rudy will jump on the bed and wait until I’m absolutely finished getting ready. He never does that! As we go out the door, he turns left towards the kitchen, while I turn right to go to the living room. And halfway there, I turn around and meet him in the kitchen for treats.

Rudy and I had a special bond from the moment he came home with us. I got sick (depressed) for about a year and couldn’t take care of him. During that time my husband looked after him and does so to this day. Now I’ve been trying to “buy” his love back with treats. Haha! Slowly but surely, he’ll come around!

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Does your companion animal “own” you the way Rudy owns me?

8 thoughts on “Rudy, Trainer of Hoomans

  1. My new guinea pigs boys have already learned the noises that might mean treats, and if Mama doesn’t follow through they will make themselves heard!

  2. I’d have a hard time turning down those eyes too! LOL!
    Peanut owns me for sure. If I walk past his cage, he automatically requests… “Mommy, mommy, rub the head” then throws kisses. How can I turn that down? I can’t. He’s my baby.

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