Rushing Around

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I absolutely hate rushing around. For one thing, I hate to be late to — you name it — dinner, movies, appointments, everything. I get pretty anxious when it’s close to the time to leave for any of these places. And I’m a clock watcher.

I’m afraid to leave the house by myself, so my husband has to drive me everywhere. So if he’s on a conference call, which he often is (he works from home a lot), and it runs over the time limit, there’s less time to get to wherever we’re going.

Getting ready entails putting away whatever I’m doing like reading a book, crocheting, or being on my iPad or laptop, or whatever. Then I have to put on my shoes and, depending on the weather, a coat, scarf, hat, and/or gloves. Make sure my phone is in my purse, grab said purse, and go out the door. Probably it takes less than 5 minutes to do all that. But to me it feels longer.

The feeling of rushing makes me anxious. I don’t know why this is, it just is. The faster I have to move, the more likely I am to forget something (like my phone), which I perceive to be a disaster that I am able to get over. Unless I don’t.

Usually we’re on time, if not early, for things. The last time I remember rushing was when we were on our way to the movies. I was so relieved to finally sit in my seat, which, at this particular theater, was reserved.

The whole way down there I was afraid of getting into an accident because my husband was trying to get us there on time. As we got closer, I started fretting about missing the previews. (What’s going to the movies without watching the previews?)

I think my husband just wanted to get there before the movie started. I, meanwhile, declared that if it had already started, we would leave and go again another time. I didn’t want to miss ANY part of the movie (Solo: A Star Wars Story).

Fortunately, we were right on time, which was a huge relief. We even had time to go to the concessions stand. Still, I wouldn’t want to go on that or any ride like it again.

What do you think about rushing around? Are you okay with it? Does it make you feel uncomfortable?

9 thoughts on “Rushing Around

  1. I also hate being late, so I’m at least 15 minutes early, and usually more like 30. If something outside of my control threatens to make me late, I get stressed out. And in my mind, being on time counts as late.

  2. I don’t like being late, or rushing either. It can make me have anxiety, or aggitated.

  3. I can so relate to this, I say this to my kids, better be early than late! I’ve never been late in my life 😁👍

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