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I have 4 tattoos: a cute monster from the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, on my left shoulder; an anklet of flowers and leaves around my left ankle; a “warr;or” semicolon tattoo on my left wrist; and a somewhat tribal-looking band around my upper right arm (see photo). This last one is a bad tattoo. And I don’t mean good-bad, I mean bad-bad! It’s horrible!

To me, the tattoo’s degree of horridness is high. Yet others disagree, and some strangers have even given me compliments on it. Most of the time, I forget that it’s there. But then sometimes, when I see it in the mirror, I am horrified. Each time. Because I know that it’s uneven.

Part of the reason for its unevenness, I believe, was because the artist did it in a hurry. He didn’t take the care he might have if there was more time. Did I mention we were in a tattoo studio after hours? We were. We weren’t supposed to be.

Photo provided by Author

Later, I heard from the grapevine that the artist was fired because he was a junkie. So yeah, I’d say his addiction played a part in my tattoo misadventure. However, I have to give him credit for my Wild Things tattoo (see photo on left), which I love.

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    1. Omg, I hadn’t thought about the needle thing! At the time none of us knew he was a junkie. And here’s the kicker: he’s still working and in the same city!

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