Picky vs. Particular

paul-gaudriault-779264-unsplashMy husband and I bicker about whether I’m picky or particular. I say I’m particular. He thinks I’m picky. Let’s use Diet Coke as an example. I used to drink a ton of it. I don’t anymore, but when I did, I drank it straight from the can. I didn’t like it in a glass with or without ice; I didn’t like it straight from a bottle (glass or plastic); and if it came from a soda fountain, I would choose regular Coke and not Diet. When it came to drinking regular Coke, I could only drink it with ice, so no drinking from a can or bottle, except for maybe a chilled glass bottle. Are you confused yet? So is my husband lol!

Then there’s the age-old argument of whether toilet paper should face away or towards the wall. Early in our relationship, my husband would replace it with no regard to whether it faced away or towards. I convinced him to place it facing away from the wall with this argument: if the toilet paper is facing the wall, it could get dirtied from brushing against the wall. I also think that it’s easier to get toilet paper from the roll if it only has to go over the top of the roll instead of underneath.

I was going to discuss how I like my bath towel to hang on the rack, but it’s too confusing to describe lol! My therapist says I have OCD tendencies. My husband thinks I’m picky. And I think I’m particular!

Are you picky, or particular?


15 thoughts on “Picky vs. Particular

  1. OMG! I was laughing through this whole entry. I have OCD, and before I even knew I had OCD, I was always told I was overly picky about how I wanted or saw things work.
    The worse was when I was working… If something was used on my desk or misplaced… all hell broke loose. Everything had a certain place, all my files needed to face me, my computer set in a certain place, and Lord forbid, someone touched my stapler… OMG! It took a long time to train people “DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING ON MY DESK!” LOL!
    Again, this was before I learned that I had OCD. I even thought I was overly picky. LOL!

    1. Lol thanks for the laugh! “Everything had a certain place” is SO TRUE. My husband knows to leave my desk alone lol!

  2. I agree with the toilet paper, as for cola when I drink it, I will drink any, in any way.

    When I close my curtains, I like them to overlap, not just pulled to that there is a tiny gap that someone could peep through. The curtains definitely have to overlap when closed. I have been like that since a youngster when it came to the curtains.

      1. Always been like that from a young age and being particular about this. If they are not drawn to that way, I have to correct it.

  3. Totally agree on the toiletpaper issue😜 never against the wall!!! My husband always do that..he doesn’t care… I also like to drink soda straight from the box. But with ice it has to be a big glass…

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