Pitch Black Restroom

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My husband and I went to write at a coffee shop one afternoon. The place we went to wasn’t part of a chain and it was new to us. I was thrilled to see Thai Iced Coffee on the menu, because I’ve only ever seen it on Thai restaurant menus. Of course I ordered it. I was looking forward to the cream and sugar taste of Thai Iced Coffee, but it tasted more like a melted, cold vanilla latte! And I’m not fond of vanilla lattes. So that was interesting.

Another interesting thing is something that frightened me and nearly started an anxiety attack. I went to use the restroom, which was a room for one person to use at a time instead of a roomful of stalls and sinks. After I shut and locked the door, the lights went out and it was pitch. BLACK. I began to panic.

The first thought that went through my head was, “What do I do?!?!” The choices I came up with were to bang on the door and yell for help, or attempt to find the switch. I was near the door, which was near the light switch so I patted the wall next to it, looking for the switch. I got lucky. I found it and turned the lights on.

After a few tries, I figured out that the lights shut off every 15 seconds or so. And that there was nothing unusual about the light switch, like you didn’t have to press it down or anything to keep the lights on longer. This was annoying, because the lights went out while I was using the toilet! 😭 Before I remembered that I could still pull my pants up in spite of the darkness, I began to panic, which for me includes a racing pulse and rapid breathing. Then I noticed that the switch had a small blinking light. So you could see it if it’s super dark because the lights shut off automatically!

Arrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!! I congratulated myself for making it out alive lol!

Has anything interesting ever happened to you while using a public restroom?

32 thoughts on “Pitch Black Restroom

  1. That is really bizarre… Did you tell the management of this problem with the lighting?
    My episode as I call it was, (So, embarrassing) was when the automatic flush took place while still sitting on the seat. You can imagine how gross that was, not to mention having to clean myself off in that itty bitty stall was a pain in the buttocks too. πŸ™„

        1. I have not been on an automatic flush toilet, but I have had something similar.
          There are toilets I avoid certain cubicles, because the sensor you use to flush the toilet it has seems to be rather sensitive. As soon as you sit down, or prior to not quite parking your bum on the seat, the toilet flushes. It’s because your own shadow has casted on the sensor, making it think you have literally touched it. The sensors should have been higher up the wall.

          1. I agree, they should be higher up. Some of those auto flushers aren’t as sensitive and you practically have to be hugging the stall door to get it to work. Can’t win lol!

            1. I have been meaning to complain about the particular toilets for some time, but never got round to it. I had a cheeky sarky way in mind, then making the suggestment that these should be placed higher, or replace with a handle. My sarky part of the letter would have been that I would never have expected when paying to use the toilet that I get an added wash before I use it.

            1. Am online with support now. Reblog button is NOT included in the business plan, which is what I have! wtf

                  1. Oh, they deleted the option for backgrounds now. I asked them why their service was becoming such an issue to everyone here, and I got crickets for an answer.
                    They got rid of a lot of stuff without warning once again.

            2. Lol So you have the same issue too? I bet the sensors are low in your troublesome toilet cubicle? If it’s anything to go by where the ones have done that to me.

                1. Lol. Yep, same as these certain cubicles in Mansfield. I tend to avoid those toilets now if going into town, as I can use the ones in the shopping centre, knowing I am not getting a flush.

                  1. I would definitely avoid faulty toilets, too. I’m sorry that I just now saw your comment. It was in my spam folder:(

            3. Sigh. Now I can’t find the post where I left you my last message (that I was online with support). Anyway, they were useless. They showed me how to install a plugin but you can’t link the new button to WP, only FB, Twitter, etc.

  2. I would have panicked had the lights gone out too and be pitch black in the toilet. I would certainly avoid it.

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