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Recently, my husband and I stopped using electronics and watching TV while we’re eating. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the habits are so ingrained in us that it just happens automatically: my phone dings, I check it. If I happen to take a picture (of like, my food) while we’re eating, I immediately post it to Instagram. And then continue eating. Often while we’re having a conversation, something comes up that has to be Googled, and my husband just picks up his phone to Google it.

We have been doing well, thankfully. Sure, one of us slips up now and then, but for the most part, we’re rocking no electronics!

We began doing this because it was presented as a challenge in my weight-loss app. Who doesn’t like a challenge? Also, not using electronics during meals was part of a chapter on eating mindfully, to sort of prepare us for doing just that. Not using electronics while we eat lets us better concentrate on our food, which helps us remain in the present. It’s what mindful eating is about to me, anyway.

We’re encouraged to take a bite, chew slowly, and note the flavors, the textures, how the food feels against our mouths, what it’s like to swallow. It sounds kind of weird, but your relationship with food will change. You’ll appreciate it more. You might even eat less because you’ll feel full from eating slowly. By the way, did you know that putting your fork down after each bite helps you eat slowly?

Finally, a major point in our eating without electronics is that it allows my husband and me to have a conversation instead of vegging in front of the TV. We still eat in the living room, though, but hopefully we will eat at the table again.

Have you heard of mindful eating, or practice eating mindfully? What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “No More Electronics

  1. I have to say, I fall under the spectrum of half & half mindful eating habits. Meals are usually consumed while sitting on the living room couch, or in front of my laptop. However, there are times I just want it to be quiet around me, no distractions at all, and enjoy my meal. I feel more satisfied after eating when I don’t have the phone/computer/tv all going.

  2. I have not heard of mindful eating, but I’m certainly interested in it. We eat in the living room too. We have a dinner table, but one chair. So, no more family dinners like we once had. The easy thing to do would to be buy new chairs, right? Chairs are damn expensive! And we have no way to transport 5 chairs, both of our cars are smaller than a truck or SUV.

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