So You Know – June 27, 2019

Red Question Mark
Photo credit: Leo Reynolds on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

So You Know

. . . was created by Candace of Revenge of  Eve. Each week, she will pose questions for us to answer.

From Candace (only the answers in italics are mine): This week’s questions will be a round of lighthearted questions because who really wants to think? Not this chick (Y’all should hear my chicken cawl – no really)!!

Never participated in S.Y.K? Alright then…here are the loose guidelines:

  1. Publish a post on your website/blog answering today’s questions OR drop your answers in the comment section below.
  2. Create a pingback to this weeks edition. Don’t know how? Hit me up through my Chat menu. I’ll tell ya how. It’s easy.
  3. Be honest.
    • Do you like creamer with your tea or coffee? no, I drink both black
    • What year were you born? 1969
    • What things would you never pair together (clothes, objects, colors..)? plaid and polka dots
    • Does color represent certain beliefs/ideas for you? red and purple remind me of the Catholic Church
    • If someone is getting on your nerves, how do you handle it? Be honest. If possible, I would walk away. If not possible, I would set boundaries. If they break those boundaries, then I’d politely tell them that I need to leave.

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