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So here in the U.S. we’re coming up on the Fourth of July, which marks the day the U.S. became an independent nation. It is widely celebrated with many people dressed in the colors red, white, and blue. There are red-white-and-blue decorations, balloons, and bloom-in-the-sky fireworks that paint the night sky in bursts of color.

Another type of fireworks are called firecrackers, and do nothing but make noise, without the pretty light show. Firecrackers are loud and annoying.

They’re also illegal in the State of Illinois, however, in Indiana, which neighbors Illinois, they are legal. So people cross the border and stock up on firecrackers and whatever else they use, and then bring them home. Some of these pyros just love to set them off in the school playground, which is right. Across. The street.

A few weeks before and a few weeks after the Fourth, these kids set off firecrackers across from where I live. I’m not sure about the suburbs, but in Chicago the police rarely enforce this law. And even if a neighbor has called the police, by the time they arrive, the kids have scattered. All we can do is wait it out, until they use up all their fireworks.

Did (or do) you play with firecrackers?

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  1. Either last year or the year before, Iowa finally legalized fireworks. Before, there would be a light show on the 4th in most towns but it had to be done by certain people. The rest of us went to Missouri for fireworks. LOL. But I think firecrackers were one of the few that were legal here along with sparklers. I could be wrong about that. They’re super annoying though. And when I was like 12, two of my cousins & I had a “firework fight”. Idk why our parents allowed this. LOL. But my cousin lit firecrackers up and threw them on my lap. OUCH.

      1. True! Especially boys! I grew up an only child (I have siblings but I didn’t grow up with them) & spent most of my time with my cousins. And I had a lot of cousins & most were boys. I learned quickly to fight back because boy cousins are dicks. Lmao

  2. I’m not keen on firecrackers. They scare the heck out of the dog, and Peanut has a fit. I have never personally played with these things because I’m fearful of blowing off one of my digits. I’ve known a few dingbats that this has happened too. Not a pretty sight.

    1. That’s exactly why I wouldn’t play with firecrackers as a kid — I was afraid I’d blow my fingers off!

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