Current Mental Health – June 2019

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Hi, everyone! It’s been about a year (14 months!) since I was discharged from my second hospitalization last year. I worked hard to strengthen my mental health in that time — went to a partial hospitalization program (even though I quit); kept taking my meds; trying to get out as much as I can (with my husband; I still haven’t overcome my fear of leaving the house by myself). Also, my psychiatrist added lithium to my cocktail, which helped tremendously. I’ve been “fine” for about a year.

However, sleep is still a problem, although now I only wake up once in the middle of the night rather than 3 or 4 times. Usually, I can fall back asleep right away instead of tossing and turning like I used to. At least I’m waking up in bed instead of the couch, where I sometimes move to at some point in the night. However, I was only averaging 3 – 4 hours of sleep, and that’s not enough. (Now I sleep for 5-1/2 – 6 hours.) My doctor and I decided to try Ambien, which I’m not sure worked. I only took it twice so I couldn’t tell, but afterwards, I started having depressive symptoms again.

I imagine that many of you know what depression is like, and that it’s different for everybody. For me, I stopped showering, which is the first clue that I’m depressed. Then I stopped changing out of my pajamas and brushing my teeth. I didn’t go out, even with my husband; I isolated. My mood was really down, and sometimes I felt like crying for no reason. I was tired all the time.

Then we went to Vegas for my niece’s 1st birthday earlier this month, and stayed for a few days. We did a lot of touristy stuff — it was fun! But when I returned, my mood took a dive again. It’s not as bad as before the trip, but I’m on alert. This is what I’m going through right now, fighting the demons that convince me not to shower, brush my teeth, etc.

Fortunately, I still have some energy, which has helped me go out with my husband and do stuff, even if it’s just a trip to the store. I hope this goes away.

How do you know that you’re starting to become depressed? Or does it hit you all at once?


10 thoughts on “Current Mental Health – June 2019

  1. I usually start to realize I’m relapsing into depression when I can’t seem to focus and everything just feels harder to do, like taking a shower or getting dressed etc.

  2. Sometimes I’ll have a gradual worsening, and other times I’ll be abruptly knocked on my ass. I suppose predictability is boring…

  3. oh, mamasita, I’m sorry. That stinks. It usually hits me all at once. Just “Whack” right upside the head. I hope you get out of the funk soon. Kudos to you for getting out at least some! Keep taking those baby steps. If you need anything, just holler.

  4. Oversleeping, not caring about hygiene and how I present myself… if my eyebrows have gone full on Oscar the Grouch, that means I’m really in it. lol.

  5. Oh, Barb… I’m so sorry your fighting again. It sucks, I know. I’ve had a couple of good days and I’m hoping those good days/moods stick around.
    However, I still fight with the showering, brushing teeth, and taking naps all the time. Today, was a good day, I did take care of these things, but who knows what tomorrow brings.
    Like you, I try hard to work through it, but it’s really hard when the web of depression catches and sticks to us.
    I sincerely hope you start feeling better real soon. 😘 🌻 💗
    I’m always here for you!

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