The Grilled Cheese Pan Sandwich

Grilled Cheese
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Some of you know that I love the television show, Chopped. It’s on the Food Network channel and features 4 chefs who must compete against each other by cooking 3 courses (appetizer, dinner, and dessert), using mystery ingredients, in 3 different rounds. Three judges (who are celebrity chefs) evaluate the food at the end of each round, and the chef whose dish didn’t meet expectations will be “chopped.” This happens twice more until a “Chopped Champion” is chosen.

Another Food Network show I like is Beat Bobby Flay. Like Chopped, chefs compete against one another but this time, it’s for the chance to go up against Bobby Flay (another celebrity chef). And finally, there are the various baking competition shows each season. I love desserts lol!

I love watching cooking shows as much as I hate cooking. Yup. I don’t know how to make much, and I don’t like to do it. Fortunately, my husband cooks. One of the few things I can make, besides toast, is a grilled cheese sandwich. In 6th grade, we learned to cook grilled cheese sandwiches in home ec. Just bread and cheese. Put it in the pan with butter (if you want it to taste good and don’t care about fat!) and heat until the cheese melts.

When I was 22 or so, I had a roommate. She came home one evening and found me watching TV and eating from a pan. It was supposed to be a grilled cheese, but the cheese melted all over the pan. I have no idea how.

“What are you eating?” she asked.

Pause. Instead of merely a “grilled cheese,” I answered, deadpan, “A grilled cheese pan sandwich.” I was being serious. She started laughing. And that’s the closest I came to being a competitive chef: whenever one of them screws up their dish on Chopped, they contrive a “new” name for it for when the judges ask what it is!

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