Working on Us, Week 5

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On her blog, Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess has introduced a set of prompts that touches on mental illness. Each week she offers up 2 prompts for bloggers to use in a nonfiction, fiction, or poetry piece. You can respond to either prompt, or both. For more information and the guidelines, click here. This week, I am going to respond to Prompt 1.


  • Write your own post and create a pingback to the original post here.
  • There are no right or wrong answers.  Write in any format you see fit.  (Answer’s, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, poem, short prose…anything).
  • You can do one or all prompts.
  • You have from July 3rd. through to July 9th to submit your entries.
  • Please reblog the original post in order to spread more awareness.
  • If you the blogger have a suggestion/question you want to ask in the future weeks, please submit them in the comment section of this post.
  • Let’s see if we can get some men involved in this weeks prompts, your feelings a validated here too!
  • Plus, as an added bonus, whoever responds to the following prompts will automatically be reblogged to promote your blog site!

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Week #5  Prompts: 

(Note this week’s suggestion came from Sophienaylor1 of “Girl vs. World” brought up eating disorders which by all means is a subject worth bringing more attention to.  However, I’m going to break this into (2) separate questions for Prompt #1).

Prompt #1  (Questions)


Question #1  If an eating disorder isn’t about food or weight, what is it all about?  And, what has it done to you personally?

I think it’s all about the person’s insecurities, about how they feel about themselves, which is probably pretty down through no fault of their own, a lot of self-esteem issues. I don’t have an eating disorder, though I do occasionally binge (no purge), my relationship with food is complicated. Sure it’s for nourishment, but I also use it to feed my emotions, good or bad.

Question #2  What is the most difficult thing to handle with your disorder?  (This applies to everyone).

As I said, I don’t have an eating disorder. I’m currently learning not to eat depending on my emotions, like if I’m bored, sad, happy, mad, etc., but it’s hard. I’m so used to having something to soothe me when I’m not feeling right.

6 thoughts on “Working on Us, Week 5

  1. Barb, I can so relate to the (purge) of emotional/boredom eating. Unfortunately, I tend to do this in the evening hours, which is the worse time to do this.
    Plus, I also agree with you when it comes to feelings on insecurities and low self-esteem. I am so overly conscious that I’m overweight, but… I wear clothing that works for me, which allows my self consciousness not to get the best of me.
    I so, appreciate you participating in Week #5, Prompt #1 of “Working on Us” Thank you, for all your insight.
    God Bless!!!

    1. Thanks, Beckie!! Yes, I wear clothes that hide what I think needs to be hidden. I hardly buy candy anymore because if I do, I’ll eat the entire bag/package in one sitting, even if I’m not hungry. Sometimes I buy it from a specialty candy shop and things are ok right now.

      1. Boy, oh boy, I can relate to that too! I’ve been trying to eat yogurt, but then a bag of Lay’s Pops enter the picture, and before I know it, half a bag was consumed in a matter of 15 minutes. 🙄

  2. My relationship with food is also complicated. I have an alter who is bulimic. She struggles a lot and we’re all trying to help her with her behaviours. Since losing weight we find its very challenging, and we can still binge sometimes but we haven’t purged in a long time now.

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