Self-Care: Chiropractic Care

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My lower (and sometimes upper) back is killing me. It has been since sometime last year or maybe last autumn. I can’t remember.

At first I attributed this to sleeping on the couch which I did almost every night because of my insomnia. Then I thought it was because of the bed.

For weeks now (that I remember), I’ve been waking up in bed in a huge amount of pain. Sometimes the pain even wakes me up. I finally decided to take care of myself and saw a chiropractor. I’d seen one in the past, but then she moved away and I never looked for another chiropractor.

So last Saturday, after my new chiropractor checked out my spine by having me do range-of-motion-type (I think that’s what it’s called) stuff like squatting and walking, it seems that my back is seriously fucked up. He went through all the different stuff that isn’t as it should be (he was very informative; unfortunately, my poor cognition doesn’t allow me to remember much). I have mild scoliosis (a curve in the spine) and my core needs work. *groan* When he said that, all I could think of was having to do a bunch of lower abs exercise. Yuck!

After having gone to physical therapy where they give you different (stretching) exercises as “homework,” how could I have thought that I wouldn’t get homework from the chiropractor? Especially one who is also a physical therapist! Luckily, it’s only one exercise and it’s not v-sits. (Yet.) I’m to lie on my back with my legs in the air like a baby, and practice breathing from my diaphragm. Not as easy as it sounds, but doable.

Have you ever been treated by a chiropractor? What are your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “Self-Care: Chiropractic Care

  1. I haven’t tried chiropractic myself, but I know there are some odd ideas that are fairly mainstream among chiropractors, like being anti-vaccine.

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that. This guy has 2 kids, but we haven’t really talked about them, so I’m not sure if he’s anti-vaxxer (sp?).

        1. Chiropractic is wholistic and about tapping into the bodys ability to heal itself. It deals primarily with the Nervous System which connects the brain to the body through the spine. People think chiropractic is about back pain but that is only a very small part of what chiropractic can help with. In the case of vaccinations – the nervous system controls the immune system which is where the relationship with the spine is concerned. I think Chiropractors are more interested in improving the naturally occurring immune system and what it means to have natural immunity – why some people have stronger immune systems than others. More of a proactive approach rather than waiting until there is a problem and then solving it just like brushing your teeth to prevent decay. Hope this helps understand the connection between the spine and your overall health!

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering from back pain… I’ve had it for years, and there really isn’t much they or anyone can do for me.
    I tried a chiropractor many, many, moons ago… It actually worsened the problem, so I never went back.
    I do hope you start feeling better really soon.

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