Relationship with Food

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This post is prompted by Working on Us, Week 5 on Beckie’s Mental Mess. (My answers to week 5 are here.)

My relationship with food is unhealthy. What I eat is dictated by my emotions. They decide what I’ll eat, how much I eat, when to eat, and why to eat. I eat when I’m bored, happy, sad. I’m so used to having something to soothe or reward me when I’m not feeling right or when I’m ecstatic. Now that I’m working on making my relationship with food healthy, I’m trying to keep emotions separate from food.

I don’t have an eating disorder, though I do occasionally binge (without purging), particularly when I’m having a craving for something sweet. (For me it’s all about sweets.) I can’t get enough; I can’t stop even if I want to, even though I’m full. I just keep shoving food down my throat. And then another emotion kicks in: guilt. A lot of times I continue to eat even more when I’m feeling guilty, and next thing I know, the entire package is devoured.

I’m working on not eating because of my emotions. If I’m bored, I might do something I like, like crocheting or reading to keep from feeling bored and wanting to eat. If I’m happy, I reward myself with something besides food, like new shoes — anything that has nothing to do with food. If I’m sad, I might use a bath bomb and simply soak.

Food is neither “good” nor “bad.” You can eat whatever you want, as long as you do it with moderation. I learned this from the weight-loss program I’m undertaking.

19 thoughts on “Relationship with Food

  1. Excellent post, Barb! Food is my nemesis too. But, just like you said, it’s all about moderation.
    Today, I had gone to the supermarket and instead of picking up cookies, I bought myself white roses to keep on my desk in my bedroom as a reminder to treat myself for getting through the last couple of weeks. I have been cleaning all day and I thought the roses would be my reward instead of kicking it back with chocolate chip cookies later. Now, I can kick back and take in the lovely scent of roses instead.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Yes we all know this basic stuff about food but sometimes we need helpful reminders.

          1. Yes absolutely that’s what l like about Julie, because many a time people just keep on beating up on themselves for all sorts of reasons we all do it – and Julie writes it fair and square – your body, appreciate your body 🙂

            She doesn’t say what l am about to say next, but l interpret it asis ‘fuck off society’, this is my body – you do not have the rights to shame me!

            1. I feel slightly awkward because it feels like I’m eavesdropping on your conversation! Thank you both for your remarks – Rory, I’m so touched you recommended me to Barb. Barb – I’m so delighted to have found your wonderful blog.

              1. oh hey Julie, it’s not ‘eavesdropping really’ , l made reference to you and specifically included your link because l think Barb could find a lot of really genuine and qualitable information on and in your blog. Why should l not anyway, you are lovely … am l allowed to say that anymore? I get very confused these days of PC 🙂

              2. You aren’t eavesdropping on our conversation at all! I’m glad Rory directed me to your blog.

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