So You Know – July 16, 2019

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So You Know

. . . was created by Candace of Revenge of  Eve. Each week, she will pose questions for us to answer.

From Candace (only the answers in italics are mine)[So You Know] is a series of questions meant to bring the reader closer to their favorite bloggers. It’s easy to participate! Follow these simple guidelines:

Publish a post on your site answering this week’s questions.

Create a pingback to this week’s post. Don’t know how? Chat with me and I’ll explain.

Be honest!

See simple, right?

This week’s questions

  1. Do you take a vacation during the summer months? If so, what amount of time do you travel (days, weeks)? During the summer we usually take one or two, just for a few days each, like maybe a long weekend, to a place that’s only a 2- or 3-hour drive away. The rest of the year we might take road trips and/or fly to various destinations.
  2. Do you meet up with family or friends at the destination? During the summer and at Christmas we usually meet up with my in-laws. When we go to Las Vegas, we see my family.
  3. What has been your favorite destination spot? Savannah, Georgia
  4. What has been your worst traveling experience? Omg. Pull up a chair. So one summer, we traveled to central Illinois to stay at a bed & breakfast. They provided us with dinner when we arrived (B&Bs usually only serve breakfast), and to our surprise, they sat down with us! They were eating, too, but it was weird because none of the innkeepers in the other B&Bs we’ve stayed at never did that! Then at some point during the meal, the wife started talking to us about God and Jesus and whatnot. And we were like ????? I mean, it’s fine if you’re a Christian, but please don’t push your beliefs on me. We checked out early.
  5. If you do not travel each summer, what do you do to escape your reality? n/a

8 thoughts on “So You Know – July 16, 2019

  1. Oh wow, that experience with the religious BnB owners must’ve made you feel off.

    What makes Savannah, Georgia so beautiful? Apart from the name, of course.

    1. That’s exactly how I felt—off. I was uneasy and felt like I was staying at a stranger’s house!

      Savannah has gorgeous live oak trees everywhere, the cemetery is gorgeous and had some interesting stories, and the people were friendly! There are lots of fun tours to go on, and much of it is about the city’s architecture. But the food! The food was so incredibly good!

  2. Oh goodness. I would have been gobsmacked and stunned alone if I had been in your position, when they first day down with you, with not experiencing that, ever.
    But the minute they would have started talking about God, regardless of being shocked, I would have put my hand up after taking a very deep breath, hoping I would end up being polite the minute I open my mouth, saying just stop right there and let me eat in peace. If they didn’t, my politeness would not stay and I would have told them where to stick their preaching.
    I would have checked out early too.
    Out of curiosity, I would have Googled them and seen what the reviews were for the best and see if others received the preaching.

    I am like you. I respect other people’s religions. But I don’t expect to be preached at and shoved at me. I don’t have tolerance for it.

    1. I wish I had said something, but I was in too much shock and for a short time, doubting what I heard. I did Google them. They got good reviews, but every reviewer mentioned “God” or “Christian” in their review. I wanted to write a review but I didn’t want them to know it was from me.

      1. Do they advertise their hotel for Christians do you know? Just going with good reviews from others and mentioning ‘God,’ or ‘Christian.’

        1. If they did, then I would expect what was happening, but they didn’t mention religion in the various descriptions of their place online, like Trip Advisor.

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