Print Books or E-Books?

Kindle vs Print
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There seems to be 2 camps when it comes to books: those who prefer books in print, and those who prefer a digital version, or e-book (Kindle device/app, et al). And I’m sure there are some who like both, or even Audible, which doesn’t require you to read at all! Technically.

I like e-books better because they’re more portable. The reason I first bought my Kindle device, however, is because my husband and I had so many books that we were running out of book shelves, and places to put said shelves. My Kindle has approximately 600 books with very few, if any, duplicates in print. This is in addition to the shelved books that we own. It amazes me that my little device holds more than the number of books on my shelves! But if I wanted to, I could take all my e-books with me and go.

Needless to say, I’m an avid reader. I’m almost always in the middle of reading a book. Sometimes I finish it overnight; other times it takes like 3 weeks. I like to read fiction, nonfiction (mostly memoirs), and short story collections. I used to devour poetry, but I haven’t read a book of poems in maybe 10 years.

Also, I like always having a book with me, especially for times when I have to wait: waiting for an appointment, waiting for a prescription, waiting for my hair to process while getting it colored. I have the Kindle app on my phone (so technically, you don’t even  need the device), so I don’t even have to pack the Kindle in my purse. If I didn’t have my phone with me, I would be climbing the walls because I hate waiting. I get bored and then antsy. And I would hate being unable to communicate with anyone if I had to. When was the last time you saw a payphone? Lol

What about you?

Do you prefer e-books or print books? Or Audible?

20 thoughts on “Print Books or E-Books?

  1. I’m a paper book person. Reading on those screens bothers my eyes. Plus you can’t share your e-books. Given that – I do have a few books on my first generation iPad.

    1. Yes, it’s heartbreaking when you realize you have no more space for shelving, which means you’re out of space for books!

  2. I like both! My kindle allows me to carry around a huge variety of different books (especially when going on holidays and space is an issue) but proper printed books will always be my true love! There is nothing nicer than an afternoon perusing the books in a bookshop and deciding which one to take home with you, coming home and curling up with a cuppa and then getting lost in the book for the evening! Xxx

      1. Me too! I remember books better when I have them irl and many times have bought the paperback only to find that it’s one I’ve already read! Xxx

  3. I used to own a Kindle in the past and didn’t mind using it, but holding an actual book, is my preference.
    I use the library for books mainly now, or buy second hand book if going back to the charity shop, once read.
    I only have a few books on my bookshelf and some in the kitchen.

  4. I love holding and reading and marking up books so much, and like you my house is filled to the brim with books shoved on any bookshelf or other place they will fit. I’ve never gotten into the ebook game. Reading on my phone or iPad gives me headaches, and I’ve never gotten a Kindle. Unless I give in and start donating some books soon though I might have to give in!

    1. You can mark up books in Kindle, but it’s NOT the same! You can’t put little Post-It notes on the pages, either lol

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