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Some people think that the terms, “vegan” and “vegetarian” are interchangeable. They’re not. Vegans don’t eat/use anything from an animal. For example, they don’t drink milk or eat eggs. And if you’re knitting a sweater for a vegan friend or family member, be sure to use yarn that isn’t wool.

Vegetarians, on the other hand, don’t eat meat, but do use animal products (cheese, leather). I’m guessing vegetarians give up meat because they feel that the farming industry treats their animals cruelly. Others do it for their health.

I chose to become a vegetarian 3 years ago, which doesn’t mean that all I ever eat are vegetables! Well, most of what I eat has vegetables, but it has things like pasta or brown rice, too.

Anyway, 3 years ago I was the heaviest I’d ever been. At 5’1″, I weighed 180 lbs. I don’t know what caused the weight gain, but my primary care physician mentioned that the gall bladder, which processes fat, could no longer do its job because it was surgically removed I think, the year before. So that could be one of many reasons for the weight gain.

Another is my craving for Peanut M&Ms. Every once in a while I’d have a craving for something sweet, and it would usually be Peanut M&Ms and I would end up binging on them. Also, I didn’t exercise. And to be honest I still don’t.

After I gave up meat, I lost 30 lbs. Then I lost another 10, and another 10, which is where I am now. I don’t know if all people lose weight if they become a vegetarian; this is just my experience.

To be perfectly honest, I do, sometimes, miss eating meat. Mostly I’ll have a taste for kabobs, ribs, maybe a nice steak, BBQ for sure. I’ve even approached my husband about having a cheat day, but he remains steadfast as far as his own vegetarianism goes. So I do, too.

Plus, also to be honest, I’m afraid of eating meat because now I’m afraid I’ll gain all that weight back. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but still.

Are you a vegan or vegetarian? Or neither? Would you ever consider giving up meat?

10 thoughts on “My Vegetarianism

  1. Great minds think alike!! I just published a post about my weight loss journey as well. So happy that vegetarianism works for you; finding something that works is soooo much more important than doing what someone else says you should. Fab post ❤️

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! I totally agree with you about finding something that works, as opposed to what someone else says.

  2. I wouldn’t give up meat, but I am in the process of becoming diary free, mainly because I find diary farming a lot more distressing than the meat industry.

    I will say that I am finding more and more people using the term vegan and vegetarian when they are actually not and those words than lose power. I saw someone say that they were a “relaxed” vegan. Meaning that they eat eggs and would wear leather. Thats not a vegan, that at best is a vegetarian.

    Or the whole I am a vegetarian but I eat chicken. Well then you are not a flipping vegetarian.

    1. That drives me nuts when people say things like that. I don’t blame you for becoming dairy free.

      1. I correct them now.

        My only problem is my partner, he likes cheese, lots and lots and lots of cheese and so far I haven’t found anything that is a good enough substitute.

        Not going to stop me from trying though

        1. That’s why I can’t be a vegan — I love cheese. And the cheese substitutes I’ve tried didn’t taste like cheese at all.

  3. I’m neither. And to be honest, I like you…crave BBQ. However, I rarely eat red meat anymore. It’s always seafood, chicken, or pork. Even then, it rare. I’ve been eating a lot of rabbit food because it’s so darn hot out. LOL!

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