Yoga Class for Stupid Dog Owners

Dog Yoga
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I am a dog owner (or like I think of it, a dog mom). I pick up after my dog when he poops. It’s understood that I’m going to pick up after my dog. Yes, it’s gross, but only about a tad more gross than scooping a litter box, which I’ve also done.

But that’s not the point; the point is dogs. More specifically, their owners. Certainly not all owners are guilty of not picking up their dog’s poop, but there are so many people who commit this act, that other people have actually made up signs, shaming them. And more power to the signs!

If it can get even one person who didn’t used to, now pick up after their  dog’s poop, hallelujah! The sign worked!

How hard can it be to clean up? It isn’t rocket science, and just leaving it there goes against basic human decency. I honestly can’t understand why people don’t do this.

Do you know anyone who does NOT pick up after their dog? Do you know why they don’t (aside from being lazy)?

13 thoughts on “Yoga Class for Stupid Dog Owners

  1. Oh, Good post!!!! In fact, a great post. There are several guilty parties that don’t pick up after their dogs do their pooping. Those same signs have been posted near the guilty parties in my area. The first tie I saw the sign, I busted out laughing… But, it makes an awesome statement.

  2. My dad! He’s so lazy! He wont pick up his dogs poop if he’s walking him and he goes! I keep telling him its not cool but he doesn’t listen to me! I always pick up after nitro. Its disgusting to leave it lying on the pavement well I think so anyway.

    1. You’re right — it’s definitely not cool to just leave your dog’s poop where someone can step on it! 🐶💩

      1. Exactly. It’s totally disgusting and I keep telling him that but does he listen? No. Men, they’re all the same don’t listen to a word you say 😭

  3. Excellent post – l pick up after Scrapps and all my dogs, but here people have a tendency to perhaps pick it up , so bag it, but them hoist the bags into the air?? Where we are there are some woods, and you see trees littered with little black, green, yellow, red and white bags to the point that it looks like it’s some kind of poopy Christmas tree!

    Grr from me doesn’t cover my emotions on this subject 🙂

    1. Throw the poop bag in the air?? Disgusting. Of course, stepping in it, too, is also disgusting 💩 lol

      1. Hey Barb, both are disgusting, it rankles and irks me, that they’ll scoop it, but can’t be bothered to walk it to a bin. In the summer the doggy poop trees stink 🙁

          1. No, neither do l. We have responsibilities as dog owners. I was at one point thinking of having a tee shirt design that read something, If we shit on the grass should we too be expected to pick it up?


            Pick up after your DOG Then!!

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