Working On Us, Week 9

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On her blog, Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess has introduced a set of prompts that touches on mental illness. Each week she offers up 2 prompts for bloggers to use in a nonfiction, fiction, or poetry piece. You can respond to either prompt, or both. For more information, click here. This week, I am responding to Prompt #1.

Prompt #1 Questions:

Have you ever received music therapy as part of your treatment?  If so, what kind of music was introduced to you? I haven’t received musical therapy as part of a treatment plan, yet in my younger years, I used music to treat myself — both by listening and playing. Playing the drums, especially helped me get out my frustrations.

Do you listen to music ( if/when) you meditate?  If so, what kind of music do you listen to? Admittedly, I haven’t meditated in maybe a year? I’d like to get back to it. When I did meditate, I only listened to music if it was a part of the guided meditation, like background music.

If you have never tried music therapy as a treatment, what types of music calm and/or mellow you? Classical, except for the really dramatic overtures and symphonies.

Do you believe music helps everyone and there is really no use for therapy in this regard? Although I haven’t really listened to music in years (except in the car), I believe that music therapy is beneficial, the same as art therapy. Both let people connect with and use the creativity they might never have known they had.


I hold an MFA in poetry from The Ohio State University. I'm a fiction writer, blogger, wife, pet mom, and Ohio State Buckeye!

16 thoughts on “Working On Us, Week 9

  1. Hello, Barb! Are you actually back? I’m so happy you were able to join us on “Working on Us” – Another musician in the house! Playing drums to work out frustration, I can see that being very therapeutic.
    I listen to meditation music just about every day, especially when I’m reading and or/writing. Helps me focus, and remain calm.
    Like you, I don’t necessarily listen to a guided meditation, just the music itself.
    You bring up a very good point, art therapy is very beneficial. I should really take that back up again. I use to love doing it, and listening to soft rock, or something I could sing along to while I was involved in a project.
    Thank you, so very much for your insight!! It is so appreciated to have you be a part of “Working on Us” God Bless You!!! 💚🎶🥁

    1. I’m not back, but I didn’t want to miss my Current Mental Health post and Working On Us!! 😊 I think art therapy is wonderful. If you can, you should get back to it!

    1. I am on hiatus, for only a short time, I hope: 1-2 weeks maybe? Thanks so much for the nomination. Unfortunately, I made the decision a while back and no longer post blog awards. I hope you understand. I love art therapy!

      1. Hey Barb, l glad you are well and also great to hear from you too 🙂 You know, we all survive eh?

        Do you enjoy crocheting? Is it a new hobby or a long standing past time?

        1. I do enjoy crocheting. It’s been a hobby for 2-3 years. I make a lot of mistakes, which is why I have few finished projects, but to me, the act of crocheting is soothing.

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