Current Mental Health – August 2019

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So I’ve been showering regularly (every other day)!! Some of you know how much trouble I have with that. It was tough at the beginning of the month, but as the month progressed I was better about it. Sometimes I still have to push myself, but not too much or too often. I will attempt to shower every day when I’m ready.

As for sleep, it’s unbelievably worse! I used to wake up around 5am every day, and now it’s more like 1:30 or 2am!

For some reason, the shakes, which are a side effect of lithium, grew worse. It’s hard to crochet because I have trouble inserting the hook into the loops. My hand shakes too much. I definitely can’t put on mascara because the wand shakes really badly. It did before, but not as bad and I was still able to put mascara on, but this time it’s just so bad. I contacted my psychiatrist and he increased the dose of propranolol, which is a beta blocker that helps reduce the shaking. After a week the increase made no difference, so he now has me taking a lithium twice a day instead of all at once. So far, it’s only improved slightly.

Speaking of crochet, I signed up to crochet various items for sick people. I get the pattern and yarn sent to me, and I do the projects. After, I can do whatever I want with them or I could send them to an organization that works with patients, particularly chemo patients.

I will also begin volunteering at a local dog rescue starting tomorrow!! I’m excited and nervous at the same time. At least the shelter will be closed that day so I won’t have to deal with the public. I am scared, but I am looking forward to it. Some readers know that I’ve been wanting to volunteer for a long time. Now it’s a reality. That just blows my mind.


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8 thoughts on “Current Mental Health – August 2019

  1. Oh, Barb… I was hoping that this time that you took off was really helping you, and then I read this. I’m so sorry that you have been going through so much mentally/physically. However, I am really pleased to hear about the crocheting projects that you have picked up. You have such a beautiful soul.
    I also think you’ll really love volunteering at the shelter. I really loved it. I did more work with the elderly cats, and socializing the kittens. It was very rewarding. Now that I’m thinking about it, I may start doing that again. It really depends on my chronic pain.
    I sincerely hope that all the tweaking of your meds helps you eventually, it makes me sad knowing your suffering. You’re always in my thoughts, Sweetie. 💗

    1. Hi Beckie, thanks so much for your concern. Other than the shakes and messed up sleep, I’m actually doing pretty good. I’m looking forward to volunteering tomorrow. I hope you’ll be able to do it, too! 😊❤️

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