“Playing Hurt: My Journey from Despair to Hope” by John Saunders


NOTE: This is not a book review; these are just my thoughts–which may wander.

I always liked John Saunders, who was a sports analyst for sports channel, ESPN. I liked seeing his face grace the screen. He seemed like a nice man. John Saunders was also a haunted man, haunted by his childhood, his “loss of balance and spatial judgement,” among other things, from a concussion that he suffered later in life, and depression.

Saunders walked off set at work one day and fell, which resulted in a serious concussion. This brought on injuries, both physical and mental. For example, when asked to write down 10 words that begin with “b,” he could only think of 3. These injuries fueled the depression from which he was already suffering.

What I really liked about this book was how he conveyed his depressive symptoms. He put into words everything I’ve felt in the 25 years since my diagnosis, and how I felt even before being diagnosed. What a precious gift, his ability to write from the heart.

Have you ever had an injury or illness that only fueled your depression?

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