Current Mental Health – February 2020

Like last month, I experienced what I thought was depression for like a week or two. Except it wasn’t depression, at least not according to the list above. I almost meet 4 out of the 7 criteria, so I think I’m still pretty safe. Of course all of these signs could be hormonal, so there’s that.

Along with depression/hormonal stuff, I’ve gained 5 lbs. in recent weeks, which is almost half the weight it took me a year to lose: 12 lbs. It wasn’t easy. It isn’t very much, either, but enough for 2 or 3 people to notice, which was nice. But yeah, I’ve put on weight and it’s getting me down. And because I’m feeling down, that just makes me eat more. Vicious cycle.

I’m still using my light box, for 60 minutes instead of 45. It works well; I think it’s what keeps me from falling into a total depression.

Does winter affect your depression?

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