Current Mental Health – April 2020

“Let’s lift your mood.” Easier said than done. And it isn’t like you can choose your mood — that’s like telling a depressed person that s/he should be happy.

This whole Covid-19 thing has messed with my mood. I think it’s partly because I’m home all the time now, but on the other hand, the anxious part of me welcomes not having to leave my house (and not having to get dressed if I don’t want to, but I do). I have a knitting and a crochet class that meet via Zoom, so I’m sort of socializing. And I have weekly video chats with my therapist.

She says that the Covid situation hasn’t affected my affect. She pointed out that I’m keeping busy, I’m exercising (but not much), I’ve volunteered (wrote thank-you cards from the animal shelter to donors). I’m relieved to hear that. There are times when I feel low, but it’s temporary and is probably caused by the many gray days we’ve had. I’m looking forward to May — which is National Mental Health Month!

How will you acknowledge National Mental Health Month?

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  1. I will acknowledge mental health month by donating to a local mental health organization! Mental health is so overlooked in this country! I know a lot of people can’t afford to have a psychologist and psychiatrist due to no insurance and that’s sad! I can’t imagine not having my team of professionals help me through my bipolar and anxiety!

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