4 Health-Related Apps That I Use Regularly

Ha! How’s that for a title? Sorry I couldn’t think of anything more creative! Anyway, I’ve been struggling with my weight since 2015 or 2016, which is when I became a vegetarian. I’ve lost 50 lbs. since then. These past 2 years, I’ve only lost 10lbs., which isn’t much, and have about 15 lbs. to go. Recently, I started tracking my calories, weight, and moods to see how I’m doing so I can get a better picture of where I stand in those areas. In order to do this, I use 4 apps that are available on iPhones. They are:

  • StepsApp
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Weight Drop
  • Daylio

MyFitnessPal is what I use to monitor my food intake. According to the app, someone my size ought to eat 1200 calories a day. This is tough for me because I really love carbs. I know my relationship with food needs improvement, but it’s really hard to NOT eat when I’m stressed, which seems to be a lot these days, no thanks to Covid-19. Still, I try really hard to stay below 1200, but since I started using this app I’ve mostly been over the limit. Sometimes by less than 100 calories, sometimes by several hundred calories.

Weight Drop is what you think it is. It tracks your weight. You enter your weight every day (or as frequently as you want) and it creates a line graph that shows your peaks and valleys. That’s it. It’s pretty no nonsense.

Daylio tracks your mood. I usually complete my entry at night, so I can assess what type of day I’ve had. (You can also track it every hour if you want.) A graph maps out your moods weekly and monthly. A list of activities represented by a picture on a button is available to use. By merely tapping the activities you did that day, you can track them, as well. Again, since I don’t know which activities I’ve completed until the end of the day, I do this before bed.

Of course I use many other apps, like iTunes, Cats are Cute, and Goodreads, but the ones I described are tied to my physical and mental wellbeing. I hope some of you find any one of these apps useful. The best part is that they’re free! There are paid versions if you want more detail about you and your body, but I have all I need.

What apps do you use?

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