Depression Is Coming

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I’ve been struggling this past couple of weeks with trying not to fall into a depression, that is, if it hasn’t already happened. I haven’t showered in over 2 weeks; I haven’t been keeping up with my skincare routine (which I’m religious about); I’m going to bed later and waking up earlier, but it’s hard for me to get out of bed; I’m tempted to play games with my medication (which should I take/which shouldn’t I take); and other things that I can’t remember right now. Oh, and the pain in my arm/shoulder is getting worse. It hurt the worst when I wake up. This is all very frustrating, but I’ll be seeing my psychiatrist and a new acupuncturist soon, like next week.

By the way, there was nothing wrong with the acupuncturist I had been seeing. It’s just that the methods he used on me weren’t very effective, so he referred me to a different acupuncturist.

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