“Surrounded by Madness: A Memoir of Mental Illness and Family Secrets”

NOTE: I wouldn’t call this a book review. It’s just my thoughts (which may wander) about a book that I read recently.

Surrounded by Madness: A Memorial of Mental Illness and Family Secrets was written by the mother of a person with mental illness, not by the actual one who is mentally ill. I hope that makes sense. It’s hard for me to really describe this book without giving away spoilers. So the mom wrote this book and she and the dad both have PhDs. Or at least I know she does–in the field of gerontology, which is the study of aging. I’m not sure why I just mentioned that, but there it is. This book illustrates how, despite our best intentions, the mentally ill can be difficult to treat, whether it’s the severity of their illness, or especially when they don’t want to be treated. Now obviously, I’m no mental health professional, but I think the daughter may have been misdiagnosed. I recognize a lot of her behavior. Anyway, like I said, it’s hard to discuss this book without giving spoilers. It’s really good, though. Definitely worth a read.

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