Update on Barb

Hi Everyone - Wanted to let you know that Barb should be discharged from the hospital tomorrow (Tuesday, 4/3), and will probably be back online later this week. Thanks again - from both of us - for the well-wishes and kind words.

Update on Barb

Just wanted to provide an update on Barb: she's in the hospital (a different hospital this time) and, unlike the last one, she won't have access to the internet/email in this unit. I'll try to provide updates as I can, but she's doing OK, considering, and I know she appreciates all your thoughts (as do... Continue Reading →

Health Update

Hi Everyone - This is Barb's Husband. Barb's asked me to keep you up-to-date on her status. She went to the hospital/ER yesterday and has been admitted. She and the doctors there are considering her treatment plan, which is likely to include a resumption of her ECT treatments next week. She is doing OK and... Continue Reading →

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