Thank you so much to my new followers and old followers for sticking by me and my blog during the time that I took off. I don’t know when I’ll post next; hopefully it will be more regularly. So. Since January I’ve… quit, yes quit my drawing class. I went the first 2 times (it… Read More Sticky

Subscription Boxes

Since about August, I began subscribing to various services that provide a product/products every month. It’s so much fun receiving them and being surprised by what they contain! Some subscriptions offer sneak peeks of the current month’s content, but I like the element of surprise so I don’t read those posts or click the links.… Read More Subscription Boxes

The New Year

Wow! I see that WP has changed since I last blogged. I’m not sure if I like it–I can’t even figure out how to insert an image where I want it to go. Oh, well. Since my last post, a lot happened (good things), and I am still not depressed. That I’m not is amazing… Read More The New Year