“Manic: A Memoir” by Terri Cheney

Google NOTE: This is not a book review; these are just my thoughts–which may wander. Terri Cheney, who has bipolar disorder and is a writer, was once a hotshot lawyer for big-time clients in Los Angeles. This memoir takes you through her life’s (mis)adventures (her love life, friendships, career). I don’t want to say too... Continue Reading →

Depression Is Coming

Photo credit: CreditDebitPro on Visualhunt / CC BY I’ve been struggling this past couple of weeks with trying not to fall into a depression, that is, if it hasn’t already happened. I haven’t showered in over 2 weeks; I haven’t been keeping up with my skincare routine (which I’m religious about); I’m going to bed... Continue Reading →

Spring Green, WI – July 2020

Photo by author My husband and I usually travel somewhere for my birthday, and this year, despite the quarantine, was no exception. We went to the tiny, little town of Spring Green, Wisconsin, which is about a 2-1/2 hour drive from Chicago. Population 1600. We stayed at an AirBnb so we barely saw anyone except... Continue Reading →

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