Rushing Around

I absolutely hate rushing around. For one thing, I hate to be late to -- you name it -- dinner, movies, appointments, everything. I get pretty anxious when it's close to the time to leave for any of these places. And I'm a clock watcher. I'm afraid to leave the house by myself, so my... Continue Reading →


One Tail at a TimeĀ (OTAT) is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs. I recently discovered that each year, beginning 4 years ago, they organize a sit-in for animals who need help. The cool thing about it is that you can participate remotely!!! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! This means the world to me because I always want to help... Continue Reading →

Crochet Conquered

I recently took a 5-week crochet class at the local art center, which was basically like an open studio. That is, you go in, work on your project, and the instructor is there if you need help, which I did lol! What made it a class and not an open studio, I think, was that... Continue Reading →

3 Things to Do Less Often

The other day I posted 3 Things to Do More Often. Today I'll examine Things to Do Less Often. APOLOGIZE: I say "I'm sorry" waaaayyyy more than I ought to, and about inconsequential things. For example, if my husband and I reach for the same item at the same time, I'll apologize. In the car,... Continue Reading →

Book Club Fail

This past Wednesday I had set aside time to go to a book club made up of dog moms. Yup, dog moms! It was the first book club I'd ever been a  part of and that I showed up for. Except I didn't really show up. I made it as far as a parking spot... Continue Reading →


Crowds? Forget it. I avoid them as much as possible. As such, I don't go to festivals, and in Chicago there are many festivals held all summer long and now that it's May they're about to begin. I don't like being among large amounts of people gathered together where different individuals are going in different... Continue Reading →


"'re getting old!!" That's what my body would tell me if it could talk. In fact, my body does talk to me, just not in words. For example, when I wake up every single  morning for months and my back hurts, it's probably time to get a new mattress, or at least flip over the... Continue Reading →


Something I really struggle with is forgiving myself. I'm so used to beating myself up for anything and everything that I might as well be bruised all over. I think of myself as a loser. I know better, and I'm improving as far as not beating myself up goes. For example, I began working out... Continue Reading →

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