“Natural Disaster” by Ginger Zee

I became interested in reading Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One.,  by TV meteorologist,  Ginger Zee, because the media was saying that she was opening up about her mental illness (depression) in the book. Now, it's not bad, but there's only one chapter out of 20 or so, that addresses her depression, and... Continue Reading →

“Mental” by Jaime Lowe

NOTE: This isn't a book review. Just my thoughts. ☺️ The full title for this book is Mental: Love, Lithium, and Losing My Mind. The author, a journalist, writes about her experience with bipolar from the time she was 16. The book opens with her going through a manic episode as a teenager. As such,... Continue Reading →

Hemingway Wasn’t Bipolar?!

A friend of mine recommended that I read Hemingway's Brain by forensic psychiatrist, Andrew Farah, because he was concerned about whether or not I needed so much ECT, and wondered if my memory problems were due to a different diagnosis instead of bipolar II, partly because I was a goaltender, who stopped the puck with... Continue Reading →

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