My Tantrum In Public, With My Husband

NOTE: This happened about 10 years ago. The cutest little quilted, racing-jacket-looking, pink, purple, and white handbag appeared on my laptop screen. . . . I can't even remember. Maybe on one of those "Sponsored" posts that are basically just ads on Facebook. Maybe on Coach's Facebook page. But that's not the point -- the... Continue Reading →

The Ride

NOTE: This is a retrospective post. I woke up in the psych ER at ECT Hospital. It was about 5:00 AM, and no one had talked to us, as promised. My husband was slumped in a chair, asleep. It didn't look comfortable at all -- I had a bed. I woke him up and insisted... Continue Reading →

Notable Grandfather

Some of you may have read about my paternal grandfather. He and my grandmother took care of me after my parents moved to the US. Papa was special to me, although admittedly, he was the one who gave me a sense of entitlement (I have stomped my feet and cried at a purse shop after... Continue Reading →

No Mangy Cur

Four years ago this past February or March, my husband and I went to the shelter “just to look.” We saw a couple of dogs we might have been interested in, and even one who wasn't a mangy cur with whom we played. I don’t have problems with mangy curs—at this shelter they take care... Continue Reading →

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