Fun Fact: I Can’t Swim

My dad threw me in a swimming pool when I was 7. He thought that I would immediately learn to swim in order to save myself. Well, I didn't. I sank slowly to the bottom. My dad pulled me out of the pool. I never was angry with him for doing this, probably because I... Continue Reading →

A Difficult Decision

My first husband and I were divorcing. Between us we had 4 cats, all of whom we adopted together, all of whom would stay with me. After a few months of caring for them, returning to college full-time, and working part-time, it became quickly apparent that I couldn't take care of them because I had... Continue Reading →

Family Dinners

This is taken from Nonfiction Prompt 21 by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith. What were family dinners like when you were growing up? Is there a special meal that has been handed down through the family? Family dinners at my house were awkward. Around the table sat my parents, my mom's parents, my dad's mom,... Continue Reading →

My Cat Died

I have 2 cats: Hee Seop (HEE-sop) and Angelo, and both are old. Or I should say that I had 2 cats, since one of them, Hee Seop (pictured here), died last Wednesday evening. Granted, both cats are almost 18 years old, so part of me expected this, just not so soon. Hee Seop had... Continue Reading →

Back From Manchester, Iowa

I'm back from my trip to Manchester, Iowa, where my husband, dog, and I visited my in-laws. There are only 5 traffic lights, and I saw cows on a farm about a block away from my in-laws' house. Despite being a small town (population approximately 5,000), my mother-in-law and I found lots of things to do.... Continue Reading →

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