Bucket List Items

Three items on my bucket list (things I want to do before I die/”kick the bucket”) that I’ve done are going off-roading, going to a Big Ten championship, and going to Savannah, Georgia, maybe in that order but I’m not sure.

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Off-Roading: Last December my husband and I went off-roading in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was awesome!!! We were in a 2-seater vehicle with chunky tires and driving around in the desert (my husband drove). We had guides of course, one we followed and one who followed us in case we got lost. We followed each other at a short distance because the all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) kick up lots of dust in their wake, and if you’re behind one, you don’t want that in your face. We lucked out because we were the only ones who signed up for that particular tour, and somehow, that made it more “romantic” lol!

We took a break about halfway through and the main guide took our picture. They supplied us with helmets, goggles, and gloves before the tour began. We looked like something out of Mad Max lol! We drove all around and saw distant mountain ranges that were actually part of California. It was so majestic. At one point, I thought our ATV was  going to tip over because it was having trouble getting over a ridge. But we made it back to the starting point safe and sound!

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Big Ten Championship: I’m a HUGE college (American) football fan. My team are the Ohio State Buckeyes, which is a poisonous nut, because I went to The Ohio State University. Also, I played Women’s Club Ice Hockey there while in school, and I developed an affinity for the Buckeyes. The Big Ten Championship is between the East and West Division Champions of the Big Ten conference. In 2017, we were the East, and the University of Wisconsin Badgers were the West.

The game is always held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Indianapolis Colts play there during pro football season. From what I recall, we had pretty decent seats. My memory is bad, but if I remember correctly, it was a pretty exciting game with both teams taking turns scoring. We won by only 6 points.

And that was it! My beloved Buckeyes were Big Ten Champions. We stayed behind to watch them give the trophy to the coach. He and the team were standing atop a riser, or some sort of stage-like thing. When the trophy came out, tons and tons of confetti came down from the ceiling bringing color and even more excitement to the moment. It was so much fun. I’ll never forget it! I’m hoping to go to a National Championship game, if the Buckeyes continue to do well.

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Savannah, Georgia: I actually wrote a post about it here, around the time we returned from Georgia. Last March we took a trip to Savannah. It was unlike any other city I’ve ever seen. The architecture was stunning, the food was delicious, the tours were fun. I particularly liked the poop receptacles on the grounds of some of the squares. You simply step on a lever and it opens, and you drop the stuff in lol! We had a blast!

What’s on your bucket list?

Rushing Around

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I absolutely hate rushing around. For one thing, I hate to be late to — you name it — dinner, movies, appointments, everything. I get pretty anxious when it’s close to the time to leave for any of these places. And I’m a clock watcher.

I’m afraid to leave the house by myself, so my husband has to drive me everywhere. So if he’s on a conference call, which he often is (he works from home a lot), and it runs over the time limit, there’s less time to get to wherever we’re going.

Getting ready entails putting away whatever I’m doing like reading a book, crocheting, or being on my iPad or laptop, or whatever. Then I have to put on my shoes and, depending on the weather, a coat, scarf, hat, and/or gloves. Make sure my phone is in my purse, grab said purse, and go out the door. Probably it takes less than 5 minutes to do all that. But to me it feels longer.

The feeling of rushing makes me anxious. I don’t know why this is, it just is. The faster I have to move, the more likely I am to forget something (like my phone), which I perceive to be a disaster that I am able to get over. Unless I don’t.

Usually we’re on time, if not early, for things. The last time I remember rushing was when we were on our way to the movies. I was so relieved to finally sit in my seat, which, at this particular theater, was reserved.

The whole way down there I was afraid of getting into an accident because my husband was trying to get us there on time. As we got closer, I started fretting about missing the previews. (What’s going to the movies without watching the previews?)

I think my husband just wanted to get there before the movie started. I, meanwhile, declared that if it had already started, we would leave and go again another time. I didn’t want to miss ANY part of the movie (Solo: A Star Wars Story).

Fortunately, we were right on time, which was a huge relief. We even had time to go to the concessions stand. Still, I wouldn’t want to go on that or any ride like it again.

What do you think about rushing around? Are you okay with it? Does it make you feel uncomfortable?

Crochet Conquered

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I recently took a 5-week crochet class at the local art center, which was basically like an open studio. That is, you go in, work on your project, and the instructor is there if you need help, which I did lol! What made it a class and not an open studio, I think, was that the instructor demonstrated some techniques.

Also recently, I signed up for a 2-week course on making amigurumi — cute little stuffed toys (see picture) — at the yarn store. This class overlapped the other, and I wasn’t sure if 2 concurrent classes would be too much for me. They were on different days, so it worked out. And yes, I made it through both. Hence, the title of this post!

In the time between starting this blog (August 2017) and the present, I never once made it through an entire course of anything except the online writing classes. I’d drop out at some point, or miss a majority or all of the classes. This time, I succeeded in going to each one of my classes without missing any or dropping them.

Just last night, I was exhausted and in a rotten mood, but my husband encouraged me to go to my class anyway. Crocheting helps me take my mind off things because of the concentration required. Talk about being in the present moment! I’m glad I went to class because I was able to finish my little stuffed octopus (above)! I was always too scared to even try to make these toys, but now that I know that it’s pretty easy, I’ll probably make more!

Do you miss attending a regular hobby because of anxiety or other mental health issues?


Sticky Note Drawings
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Thank you so much to my new followers and old followers for sticking by me and my blog during the time that I took off. I don’t know when I’ll post next; hopefully it will be more regularly.

So. Since January I’ve…

  • quit, yes quit my drawing class. I went the first 2 times (it was a 5-week course); made the conscious decision not to go the 3rd time (can’t remember why–maybe because I figured out that I couldn’t learn to draw!); there was a polar vortex in the 4th week; and the last class I didn’t feel would be worth it. I know I was just posting about how good I’ve been keeping my commitments, and I’ve been good about it. I had a setback but I started over the next day, which is an outlook I’ve been trying to maintain. No such thing as failures–just mistakes, which I can learn from. I’m finally starting to see things that way.
  • just finished (all 4 weeks) of another online writing course. It was with the same instructor I had last time. The focus of this class was to simply follow where a story leads, just let your creativity flow to someplace you’ve never been, in terms of your story/writing. As a result of taking this class, along with doing Shut Up & Write’s 30-day Writing Challenge, I’ve been writing every day for at least 2 hours, for about a month. I just can’t think of anything to blog about.
  • signed up for an intermediate (though that’s relative) crochet class that starts in May! I’m very excited about this. I have been crocheting, though I stalled a week or 2 ago because the shawl I’m working on is somewhat repetitive and I was getting bored. I’m determined to finish it, even though the shape is very obviously wonky.
  • been to Savannah, Georgia, though I’ll write about that trip in another post!

Again, thanks for sticking around!


I Finally Went

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So recently I’ve mentioned going to a martial arts class but not being able to because of anxiety. Well. Last week I not only went to martial arts (finally!), but to class at 2 different schools! How about that, Anxiety??? I’m talking to YOU!

It was great to be able to compare the 2 because they’re so different from each other, but it helped me pick the right school for me. The first place I went to was on Monday, and theirs is women-centered, which I liked a lot. It’s coed, but there were more women than men, at least at the class I attended. (There was only one guy.) By comparison, the second class I attended last Thursday at a different school, seemed testosterone-driven, but of the men I’ve met there, all of them were really nice. There was more intensity and the class was physically challenging. Class at the first school was less intense and more mental rather than physical. Neither one was better than the other, but I chose the second school because I need the intensity that they offer.

Now, let’s hope I can stick with it.