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So here in the U.S. we’re coming up on the Fourth of July, which marks the day the U.S. became an independent nation. It is widely celebrated with many people dressed in the colors red, white, and blue. There are red-white-and-blue decorations, balloons, and bloom-in-the-sky fireworks that paint the night sky in bursts of color.

Another type of fireworks are called firecrackers, and do nothing but make noise, without the pretty light show. Firecrackers are loud and annoying.

They’re also illegal in the State of Illinois, however, in Indiana, which neighbors Illinois, they are legal. So people cross the border and stock up on firecrackers and whatever else they use, and then bring them home. Some of these pyros just love to set them off in the school playground, which is right. Across. The street.

A few weeks before and a few weeks after the Fourth, these kids set off firecrackers across from where I live. I’m not sure about the suburbs, but in Chicago the police rarely enforce this law. And even if a neighbor has called the police, by the time they arrive, the kids have scattered. All we can do is wait it out, until they use up all their fireworks.

Did (or do) you play with firecrackers?

Fun Fact: National Wine Day

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Guess what, people??? You have a reason to celebrate: it’s National Wine Day!!! This is a real holiday, and apparently, no one knows how it came about. Maybe someone suddenly declared, “May 25th should be National Wine Day!” Then they might have popped the cork from the bottle of vino in their hands, and chugged without bothering with glasses. It could have happened.

Some ways to celebrate:

  • Make your own wine, though I think it involves more than just stomping on grapes while you’re barefoot.
  • Go to an upscale liquor store and buy something with a fancy vintage.
  • Have the sommelier suggest a wine and food pairing while you’re out at a fancy restaurant.
  • Have a glass of wine with a friend — or by yourself if that suits you.
  • Tour a winery.
  • Be creative!

There are plenty more ways to celebrate, I’m sure. Pick the one that you like best and go with it! Happy National Wine Day!

Keeping Commitments

So I began taking a drawing class last Tuesday. I’ve always wanted to do that, but never did. A few months ago, I signed up for the class but ended up canceling because we had to take one of the furbabies to the vet (I can’t remember why). I got really anxious — I didn’t want to miss the first class. So I dropped it. At least I got a refund. Then I signed up for this one.

The class goes for 5 weeks, and each session is 3 hours long. This went by very quickly. Towards the end, when the instructor had us drawing a still life (of a cube and an egg), I started getting a little antsy because I couldn’t draw the objects properly. I was ready for class to be over because I had decided then and there that I didn’t like drawing after all. Even though I didn’t feel like continuing with the class, I made the decision to stick with it because surprise! I do like to draw. I’m glad that I’m able to follow through on plans since I’ve felt better.

I never would have reacted that way in the past year. I would just quit and be done with it. In fact, in other classes that I’ve tried to take in 2018, I quit them all except a crochet class and the flash fiction class I took.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was always canceling plans. I’m glad that I’m able to follow through since I’ve felt better. If you have a tendency to not keep commitments, that’s okay too. Hopefully that will improve.

Do you tend to cancel plans at the last minute?