The Ride

NOTE: This is a retrospective post. I woke up in the psych ER at ECT Hospital. It was about 5:00 AM, and no one had talked to us, as promised. My husband was slumped in a chair, asleep. It didn’t look comfortable at all — I had a bed. I woke him up and insisted… Read More The Ride

Being Brave

This bravelet got me through my time at Behavioral Hospital. It was much worse than ECT Hospital. BELONGINGS: What you could and couldn’t have was more strict at Behavioral Hospital. It would disrupt my way of life in a way that ECT Hospital didn’t. No underwire bras; no toothbrushes; no hoodies, even without drawstrings; no… Read More Being Brave


Thank you all for your support, love, and encouragement during what has been a difficult time. Much love to you all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ As some of you know, I was in the emergency room on Friday, March 23, because I couldn’t stop self-harming. I was there from 4:00 PM until about 6:30AM the next day, when… Read More Re-Admitted

Reflections on Being in the Psych Ward & Being on the “Outside” – March 2018

This is the last post I’ll write about this experience, I promise! First of all, my stay there was very therapeutic, in terms of maintaining personal hygiene, socialization, and most importantly, structure. Nearly every hour of our days was scheduled for one thing or another, like the various group therapies and meals I described in… Read More Reflections on Being in the Psych Ward & Being on the “Outside” – March 2018