Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

Yesterday was my 12th Faceversary (Facebook + Anniversary). I signed up for Facebook in 2007! As such, I’ve seen the various changes Mark Zuckerberg and company have made to the platform.

Some of you may remember “flair,” in which we sent each other buttons with various sayings and they were displayed on our timeline (called a “wall” back then). Or how your status was in third person. Instead of saying “What’s on your mind” it said, “Barb.” This made typing your status in 3rd person awkward–the wording. For me, anyway. It just felt weird.

Anyway, to celebrate my Faceversary, FB has created a short video that highlights my life based on pics I posted. I wish I could embed it here, but I don’t think there’s a way.

Having used FB for as long as I have, I thought there would be more pictures. There weren’t. What they did show were various profile pics of me throughout the years. That was really interesting, to see how I’ve changed–mostly my hair lol! My weight too, has changed both way up and down. And my mental health (depressed to hypomanic to depressed to baseline).

I don’t post as often as I used to. Now I mostly post on Instagram (also Mark Zuckerberg) and here. Wouldn’t it be cool if WordPress celebrated our blog anniversaries? They could compile a few posts that we’ve written throughout the years, to see how much we and our blogs have grown. Of course they ought to fix the platform’s current wonkiness first.

Do you use Facebook? Does your blog have a Facebook page?


My First Meme

Photo provided by author

Some of my friends on Facebook create memes, and many of them are hilarious, especially if they touch on inside jokes. I wanted to try my hand at it so after Googling for apps, I chose: Meme Generator by ZomboDroid (not an ad!). It’s pretty easy to use: add text to one of their images, or upload one of your own and add text, as you can see here (right).

It’s not the greatest meme (although I think it’s pretty funny, of course–I was an English major!), but our dog, Rudy, got that ruff in a BarkBox, and I absolutely had to try it on him! Then, the line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth popped into my head and the rest is history! Don’t worry–I’m not going to bombard my blog with memes!