Fun Fact: I Can’t Swim

My dad threw me in a swimming pool when I was 7. He thought that I would immediately learn to swim in order to save myself. Well, I didn't. I sank slowly to the bottom. My dad pulled me out of the pool. I never was angry with him for doing this, probably because I... Continue Reading →

Former Feral

My cat, Hee Seop (HE-sop), passed away in October 2018. His legs suddenly became paralyzed one afternoon, and he had trouble walking. We took him to the emergency vet immediately, where they told us his prognosis was bad and that he was in a lot of pain. (You can read about it here.) We knew... Continue Reading →

Depression & Indecision

When I'm depressed, I wouldn't be able to decide between toast or a bagel for breakfast. And when I'm not depressed, I still can't. Often, I turn to my husband and ask him if I should do the one thing or the other, hoping that he will decide for me. This rarely works because he... Continue Reading →

My Healthy Risks

Normally we think of risk-taking as unwise. But healthy risks exist. These are things like playing sports, or auditioning for a play. I wouldn't consider myself a risk-taker these days, though I took many unsafe risks in my early 20s: brought strange men home; got inside a taxicab numerous times while completely drunk and alone... Continue Reading →

My Cat Died

I have 2 cats: Hee Seop (HEE-sop) and Angelo, and both are old. Or I should say that I had 2 cats, since one of them, Hee Seop (pictured here), died last Wednesday evening. Granted, both cats are almost 18 years old, so part of me expected this, just not so soon. Hee Seop had... Continue Reading →

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