3 Things to Do Less Often

The other day I posted 3 Things to Do More Often. Today I'll examine Things to Do Less Often. APOLOGIZE: I say "I'm sorry" waaaayyyy more than I ought to, and about inconsequential things. For example, if my husband and I reach for the same item at the same time, I'll apologize. In the car,... Continue Reading →


Something I really struggle with is forgiving myself. I'm so used to beating myself up for anything and everything that I might as well be bruised all over. I think of myself as a loser. I know better, and I'm improving as far as not beating myself up goes. For example, I began working out... Continue Reading →


Thank you so much to my new followers and old followers for sticking by me and my blog during the time that I took off. I don't know when I'll post next; hopefully it will be more regularly. So. Since January I've... quit, yes quit my drawing class. I went the first 2 times (it... Continue Reading →

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